Buy Zoloft

Pharmacological action:
Antidepressant, a specific serotonin's reuptake inhibitor, has a low effect on the norepinephrine's and dopamine's reuptake, in therapeutic doses it blocks the serotonin's reuptake in human platelets. Zoloft's active substance has antidepressant activity, without causing sedative, anticholinergic or stimulating action. Zoloft's advantage is significant because it cause no increase in body's weight and drug's addiction.

Zoloft is recommended for the treatment of:
Depression of various etiologies;
Obsessive-compulsive, panic and post-traumatic stress disorders;
Social phobia.

Instructions for use:
Zoloft is taken in once a day at the morning or evening. Drug's reception time doesn't depend of mealtime. Depression's and obsessive -compulsive disorder's treatment starts at a dose of 50 mg per day, posttraumatic stress disorder's, panic disorder's and social phobia's treatment - with a lower dose of 25 mg, which can be doubled in a week. Most often, the first improvements are observed after a week treatment, and resistance develops after a few weeks. If it's necessary for achieving optimum therapeutic effect, ingestible dosage can be increased to 200 mg per day. The initial daily Zoloft's dose in the obsessive-compulsive disorder's treatmentis is 25 mg for children of 6-12 years and 50 mg for the age of 13-17 years. The dose adjustment for elderly people and renal impairment pacients isn't required but it should be reduced for patients with the lesions in liver function. Zoloft does not cause serious violations in case of overdose ( even in high doses ), but taking in Zoloft with other drugs or alcohol simultaneously can cause poisoning, even death or coma.